Showcasing streetwear my way since 2015

Showcasing streetwear my way since 2015


Since I discovered what power combining various kinds of clothing pieces brings to my mind - I've been hooked on all things related to fashion. Expression through clothes lets me inspire others to challenge themselves to try edgy things and craft their own personal styles. 


Personally I find seasonal fashion shows an important influence inspiring my outfits. Deepening my knowledge and understanding through continuous learning of what's new and interesting in the industry is what helps to keep my style fresh. Analyzing my competitors makes me push my game and keep raising my own standards.


Wanting to be a bigger part of the streetwear culture, I gravitate towards designing clothes. Mixing different styles daily inspires me to form unique design interpretations. So, when I'm finally in my environment, I connect all the stitches and outline sketches into characteristic drawings to create distinct clothing.

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Now in Vilnius, Lithuania

Mantas Karmaza